What’s inside the Charlie House specialist support centre?

  • 23rd May, 2023
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In 2022, we launched the ‘Buy a Brick’ campaign which aims to raise £1million for the Big Build Appeal - a necessary initiative to develop a specialist support facility in Aberdeen for babies, children and young people with life-limiting or life-threatening conditions and their families.

The project began with 4,000 virtual bricks available to buy - each valued at £250 - with all proceeds contributing to building the foundations of our very own Charlie House.

Transition from hospital to home can be a difficult experience for families, where practical and emotional support often becomes unavailable. At the moment, families in Aberdeen have to travel more than 100 miles to get the help they need, but with Charlie House, we can bring much-needed support to families’ doorsteps.

Once completed, here is what will be inside of this essential facility…

Craft Room

Ideal for all kinds of messy fun, the Charlie House Craft Room provides a distraction for children where they can play with bubbles, foam, and paint, all of which can be very therapeutic.

Our craft sessions will allow for some family time with the support of our team, where visitors can create special memories and take home keepsakes such as paintings and handprint casts.

Craft room

Family Suite

A safe and welcoming environment, the Family Suite offers a comforting home away from home that includes eight ensuite family bedrooms, an open-plan lounge, kitchenette, dining area, and therapy room.

Each bedroom is equipped with comfortable bedding and fluffy bathrobes and the communal lounge and kitchen areas offer families a place to communicate and confide in one another, away from the more busy areas of the facility.

Outdoor Area

There’s fun to be had in the outdoor space which is complete with accessible pathways, interactive musical instruments, and quiet areas for families to embrace the fresh air and the stunning views of Denburn Valley.

Visitors will have the opportunity to play on swings, slides and roundabouts in a safe environment, while there will also be the chance to enjoy experiences such as sensory planting.

Play Areas

Throughout the facility, families can make the most of our play areas where they can enjoy board and video games, movies, and so much more.

Visitors can also look forward to the vibrant soft playroom. Complete with hoisting capabilities so that everyone can enjoy this colourful space, families can expect specialist soft play equipment and interactive wall panels that will help everyone enjoy some care-free fun.

Sensory Room

The Sensory Room is designed to help children relax thanks to mesmerising bubble tubes, infinity lights, projectors, soft play seating, a built-in music system, as well as a heated waterbed.

The room can be tailored to every child’s requirements to ensure they are comfortable and content.

Spa Pool

We’re thoroughly excited to help families make use of the specialist pool through one-to-one therapy sessions and group activities. The pool will be complete with a variety of functions to ensure children have a safe and therapeutic experience including accessible changing rooms, hoisting capabilities, mood lighting, integrated music, and more.

The goal of the spa pool is to also provide blissful relaxation for parents and carers who can enjoy a morning swim, or take a moment to soak in the jacuzzi.

Teenage Den

Charlie House also aims to cater for older children through the Teenage Den. Equipped with gaming consoles, movies, and techy gadgets, this space is sure to help visitors make friends and have fun.

The Children’s Bedroom Suite

The Children’s Bedroom Suite includes eight bedrooms equipped with an accessible ensuite, full room hoisting, height adjustable cots and adjustable beds.

Families can expect a safe and comforting stay for their loved ones, thanks to the help of the Charlie House nurses who will be on-hand to monitor the care and support for every child.

Visitors can also make use of the two specialist bathing rooms which feature height adjustable baths complete with spa facilities.

Therapeutic Play Area

The dedicated Therapeutic Play Area is where our team can deliver therapeutic and emotional support sessions for all visitors to Charlie House. These sessions will be coordinated by our team of experts in a comforting space that can help attendees manage worries, health and well-being, while also acting as a dedicated space for bereavement support.

The Star Room

Caring for a child with life-limiting or life-threatening conditions will present incredibly difficult times for families and sadly, many of the children Charlie House supports are likely to live short lives.

The Star Room is a private space for families to spend precious moments together where they can invite visitors, and take time to begin the grieving process.

Families will have the option to move their child from home or the hospital to the Star Room where our specialist team can support wherever you need them during this time of bereavement.

Buy a Brick and help bring this much-needed facility to life

We ask that readers dig deep, and help Charlie House bring this support to the families in need across North-east Scotland.

After generously buying a brick, your name, or company name, will be displayed within Charlie House once the facility is completed. You’ll also receive an official ‘Buy a Brick’ certificate as well as be named on a virtual brick that will be displayed on our website.

To buy a brick, or to find out more, please click here.

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