5 reasons why your business should buy a brick in 2023

  • 17th January, 2023
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Supporting charitable initiatives can be incredibly rewarding for employees to get involved in and whether that’s through team fundraising activities or simply by being part of an organisation that is supporting the local community, it’s a great way to share values.

If you’re looking for causes to support during 2023, check out our Buy a Brick campaign to help raise £1m for our Big Build Appeal, an inspiring initiative to develop a dedicated support centre in Aberdeen for children with life-limiting or life-threatening conditions and their families!

To reach our target, we’re looking for 4,000 virtual bricks to help raise funds for the facility. Each brick costs £250 and can be donated through a one off payment, a monthly payment plan or through fundraising.

Want to know what you’d be helping us to achieve? Read below for five reasons why you should buy a brick and support our campaign…

1. You’d be helping to build a dedicated support centre in the North-east

Your donation would contribute significantly to laying the physical foundations of an incredible, bespoke-built facility where children and their families can receive vital care for their life-limiting or life-threatening conditions. By buying a brick, you’d be helping us move closer to opening this centre for those who are in desperate need of it.

Right now, children and their families have to travel more than 100 miles to get support, respite and end of life care. At Charlie House, we feel it's vital that families have this crucial support network as close to home as possible to help guide them through these difficult times.

The centre, on completion, will be situated in the grounds of Woodend Hospital, Aberdeen, and will have trained nurses and support staff to provide the appropriate levels of care for the children and their families.

Find out more about the centre here.

2. You’d be contributing to the development of state-of-the-art facilities

Once built, this centre will include specialist facilities that have been designed with children and their families in mind. With family suites and children’s bedrooms available that feature automated adjustable beds and pressure relieving mattresses, these rooms have been designed to offer maximum support that truly feel like a home away from home.

In addition to the comforting accommodation, high-spec facilities such as sensory rooms and spa pools are on site as well as creative areas for children to immerse themselves in fun. The sensory room features a soft seating area, heated waterbed and has colour changing bubble tubes, infinity lights and projectors so children and family can spend time in a relaxing environment. Encouraging children to open up freely, the craft room and play areas act as a much needed distraction with different textures and stimulation creating a therapeutic atmosphere.

Read more about the features here.

3. You’ll be supporting local families

In addition to supporting children with life-limiting or life-threatening conditions, we also help their families. Part of our mission is to deliver inclusive and accessible activities that enable families to gain confidence, engage socially, make memories together and meet others in similar situations.

While we carry this out throughout all our activities outwith our Big Build Appeal, by buying a brick you will help create a space where families have a physical support system around them through professional staff as well as other parents who can peer support and guidance.

The centre will also feature a dedicated private space for families to spend precious time together to grieve. This is a truly special place to treasure memories, invite visitors or to be alone.

Check out how Charlie House has supported families across the North-east.

4. You’d be taking part in an initiative that’s low cost, but high impact

Sometimes fundraising can feel overwhelming when you’re determined to make a big difference. Our Buy a Brick campaign aims to make donating to the cause more accessible and show that the purchase of a virtual brick is actually integral to the overall appeal and creates a strong impact. Not only is it effective in boosting the fundraising total as it is more achievable for teams and individual contributions, but it spurs on momentum to encourage other businesses to get involved.

By Buying a Brick, you’re setting an example to others in the North-east community to get involved with something that will transform the lives of so many families.

5. You’d be part of an inspiring story

Overall, buying a brick lets you be part of this incredible story. Families involved in our services have gone through, and continue to go through so much.

By pledging your support early and buying a brick, you’re able to watch this appeal go through each stage and know you’ve contributed to the success of this vital project.

Once you’ve bought a virtual brick, we’ll send you a marketing toolkit that features graphics to share on your social channels to provide your organisation the recognition it deserves. Additionally, we’ll be providing you with regular build updates, invites to special events and show you the impact of your generous support.

To find out the different ways of buying a brick, visit our website here.

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