Getting Back to Basics: A Guide to Foundation Training

  • 8th July, 2020
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When you talk about the foundations of something, be it a building or the beliefs that something is started on, we think about strength. But what about your physical self, your foundation and what supports everything else?

Foundation – ‘noun’ - an underlying basis or principle - also see starting point, base, beginning.

The Charlie House Services team recently organised a Foundation Training activity for supported families via our now faithful virtual friend, the Zoom platform! So, what is Foundation Training?

Foundation Training is a movement practice designed to restore the body’s natural order and put you at the centre of your health. It teaches your body how to properly support itself and move as nature intended. It was developed by chiropractor and movement expert, Dr Eric Goodman, to heal his own chronic back pain. Having refused spinal fusion surgery prescribed to him by several doctors, it is reported he managed to get himself out of pain within a year. Now, years later, Dr Goodman leads an active, pain free life and has developed a series of exercises to help others do the same.

Leigh Ryrie, Children and Family Support Manager, says, “We decided to deliver a Foundation Training activity to families during lockdown due to the increased amount of lifting which most families will be doing, given that their child is no longer in school or that the parents no longer have access to carer support. The families we support have children of differing ages but as you can imagine, the weight difference between a toddler and a teenager is vast, but it is essential that all lifting is done correctly.

We wanted to ensure that this support activity gave real physical benefits to the families we support to ensure that they are well looked after, not only during the challenges of lockdown but also for the future as their families get older. Having the knowledge and know how to implement this way of lifting and moving will have real benefits and hopefully minimise injury and pain from essential lifting, for example moving vital equipment such as wheelchairs in and out of vehicles.”

The Foundation Training session was carried out by Kat Ross, of Foundation Training Instructors Scotland. Kat has been a friend of Charlie House for several years having been part of our fitness clinics which we regularly hold to support our fundraisers who are raising funds for us via many physical demanding challenges such as sponsored running events, treks, swims, cycles and long-distance walks.

Kat says, “Modern life creates a lot of challenges for our bodies which we are unfortunately not designed to withstand. Foundation Training gives you the tools to address these negative postures and movement patterns. It puts you in the centre of your own health which gives you the opportunity to become stronger and more confident with every day."

To view a two-minute introduction to Foundation Training watch this short clip.

To contact Kat for further information please email

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