5 fitness challenges that can help you fundraise for Charlie House

  • 26th May, 2023
  • Fitness Fundraising
Fitness Fundraising- 5 Fitness Challenges

Whether you’re a fitness fanatic looking for your next challenge, wanting to tick off a bucket list item, or simply trying out something new and want an end goal, fitness-based challenges are a great way to reach personal targets.

Whether you’re a fitness fanatic looking for your next challenge, wanting to tick off a bucket list item, or simply trying out something new and want an end goal, fitness-based challenges are a great way to reach personal targets.

While signing up is a huge achievement in itself, finding the motivation to train can be tough. Adding a fundraising element to your goal not only supports vital causes, but it adds an even greater sense of achievement once completed.

The Charlie House fundraising team is your perfect accountability partner. The generous donations and awareness you raise during the fitness challenge can make a really big difference, as it could help us deliver vital support services to children and babies with life-limiting and life-threatening conditions as well as their families, or could go towards our Buy a Brick campaign as part of our Big Build Appeal!

With the spring and summer seasons now upon us, it’s the perfect time to get outside and take part in a fitness fundraiser. Looking to find the best fitness-based challenge for you?

In this blog, we’ve shared five ideas to help you fundraise and make a real difference…

Ride the North

Cycling is a popular fundraising activity that appeals to a wide range of people and abilities. If you love getting outdoors or are looking to push yourself a little further than walking, a cycling challenge is a great option for families, groups or individuals.

Whether you’re a seasoned road cyclist or mountain biker, or just a beginner looking to start your cycling journey, a sponsored cycle is a fantastic way to get fit and raise money, and for Aberdeen locals, what better challenge than Ride the North. With hundreds of participants taking part each year, this event brings the atmosphere, beautiful scenery and provides a great day out.

While it may not be a competitive race, don’t underestimate the challenge! With 64 mile and 100 mile routes available, Ride the North will still test your fitness!

Run for Charlie House

For years, running has been a classic way to fundraise, with 10km routes and marathons becoming popular all over the world. Since this is a more high-intensity exercise, it’s worth considering a training plan to ensure you enjoy the process and complete it safely.

For those not quite ready to run long distances, shorter routes can still be a suitable challenge if you are looking to get fitter and push yourself while raising vital funds for charity.

There’s a variety of events taking place all over Scotland and further afield which provide incredible scenery during this tasking activity. From the Loch Ness Marathon to a selection of 10km options, check out possible routes you could take if you Run for Charlie House.

Test your agility with obstacle based events

If you’re up for a physical challenge with a bit of a difference, obstacle courses and adventure activities are a fun yet challenging test of your fitness and a fantastic way to raise money for charity. These are ideal for those who enjoy pushing their physical abilities and want to get outside their comfort zone or try something new.

One of the most popular of these events in the north-east of Scotland is the iconic Beast Race - an epic 10km obstacle course of water slides, mud and swamp crossings. It’s not for the faint-hearted, although it’s guaranteed to test you and your team’s stamina which is perfect for a charity fundraiser.

If you’re looking for something with less intensity, but just as much of a laugh, check out the Charlie House Summer Sports Day. You’ll be taking a trip ‘back to school’ with this one, as you compete in a team and tackle agility and endurance based challenges, tug of war and even some of the classics such as the three-legged race!

Take on the Mighty Stride

No matter what your fitness capabilities are, a walking-based event is a great way to raise money for charity. Since this is a low-impact activity and suitable for most people and abilities, it’s very inclusive and can be an ideal fitness fundraiser for families, friends and organisations to participate in, or those who aren’t able to do high-intensity activities such as running.

One of the most well-known charity walking events here in Scotland is the Kiltwalk. With events held across the country’s major cities during spring and summer, you can (hopefully) enjoy the sunshine, have a blether with your fellow participants and get your steps in while raising money.

With varying distances to choose from, you can decide whether to take on the Mighty Stride or go for a Wee Wander, either way, your contribution plays a huge role in raising awareness and funds for Charlie House!

Feeling motivated to sign up? Check out these top fitness fundraising events here.

Take part in a fitness challenge

Challenge yourself to complete some of Scotland’s most exciting fitness events and fundraise for us, which could support our vital services and projects such as the Big Build Appeal

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