Meet Lynne Stirk, one of our 2024 Fizz and Fashion models!

  • 9th May, 2024
  • by Rachel Davidson
  • Fizz and Fashion Events
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We sat down with 2024 Fizz and Fashion model, Lynne Stirk, to discuss her experience and what she would say to other families that are considering taking part.

So, my thoughts on modelling for Charlie House...

Did I think last year that I would take part? No way would I do that! Did I think yikes why am I doing this when I signed up for this years Fizz and Fashion Day? You bet!

Would I do it again? YES!

The day came for me to choose my outfit at Style for Your Shape, to say I got a little overwhelmed at clothes that were not my go to jeans and t shirt is an understatement. I got to the point I didn't know what I liked or didn't, I had my casual dress but glam? Me? Not that day. That is down to my personal headspace, but the amazing Heather and student Rachel there on the day were brilliant. I tried different dresses with encouragement from Heather but she could tell I wasn't feeling it. She was so supportive and said that I could come back and have another appointment after a pep talk about what suited me but how important it was to be comfortable and they wanted to make that happen. Of course Leigh (Charlie House Children & Family Support Manager) was there for a shoulder to cry on and words of wisdom. Take 2. We found the dress, in fact 2 potentials for the big day for the glamour round. No judgement, no pressure, just a different day with the same ladies!

Forward to Fizz and Fashion 2024, the big day. Met by smiling Charlie House faces and introduced to fellow Charlie House mums ready (or not) to strut their stuff. Introductions done and a mutual feeling of we got this and each other we got our hair and make up done. Again the ladies put us at ease asking what we wanted/ preferred, what we were wearing and about ourselves which helped to ease the nerves. Of course, the Prosecco took the edge off.

We did our walk through- next time the room will be full...

Round 1, casual wear, but feeling glam. Last minute sip of fizz and touch up to the hair and make up and it was time to go. Standing off stage watching and listening to the room was exciting, then suddenly we were called on stage, applause! YES!! We can do this! My name was announced and off I went, cheering, high 5s, words of encouragement as we wove through the room keeping an eye out for Leigh and Fiona to keep us right. My nerves faded and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Lynne Stirk- Fizz and Fashion 2024 Casual
Lynne Stirk- Fizz and Fashion 2024 Casual

Round 2! Glamour outfit. Everyone encouraging everyone else, we were pro's by then. All went perfectly and such a brilliant reaction from the room of wonderful Charlie House supporters. I DID IT! I did something FOR ME but also a big thing for Charlie House. I am so proud of myself and the new mum friends I have made.

Lynne Stirk- Fizz and Fashion 2024
Lynne Stirk- Fizz and Fashion 2024

I would do this again and it is thanks to Style for Your Shape, hair and make up, Union Kirk and the entire Charlie House family that I did something I never thought I could do.

I had an amazing time and felt like a star for the day.

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