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Fizz & Fashion Friday

A fabulous afternoon of fun, fizz and the latest fashion, modelled by parents supported by Charlie House

Tracy at Fizz Fashion 2022

A day of fun, fizz, and celebration

Our fabulous Fizz & Fashion Friday event is a spectacular day for both attendees and participants!

Hosted at the stunning Union Kirk venue, you can expect a gorgeous fashion show with the latest fashion modelled by parents of some of Charlie House's supported families. With fizz, food, and fashion all guaranteed, we can't think of a better way to spend your Friday!

You can now register your interest for next year's Fizz and Fashion Friday below.

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About the event

This year's Fizz and Fashion Friday will feature:

  • Fizz on arrival
  • A delicious 2-course meal
  • Amazing entertainment
  • Fashion show showcasing the latest trends

To enquire, please email Louise Bone, Events Fundraising Coordinator at or complete the form below.

Fizz & Fashion Friday 2024

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A Q&A with Jill - one of our previous Fizz and Fashion models

Read to find out how one of our previous Fizz and Fashion models, Jill, prepared for the 2023 event and the advice she would give to hesitant parents looking for a new challenge…

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Resilient parents celebrated at annual Fizz and Fashion event

Charlie House’s popular Fizz and Fashion event returned on Friday, March 22 to recognise inspirational and resilient North-east parents who care for children with life-limiting or life-threatening conditions.

Creating an atmosphere charged with encouragement and empathy, this year’s event collected an impressive £29,000.

Fizz & Fashion Friday 2023

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Kevin Littlejohn Fizz and Fashion 2023 min
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