Celebrating Volunteers' Week 2024 with Dolina, Volunteer and Information Co-ordinator

  • 29th May, 2024
  • by Rachel Davidson
  • Volunteering Volunteers Volunteers Week

To celebrate Volunteers' Week 2024, we caught up with Charlie House Volunteer and Information Co-ordinator, Dolina to discuss all things Charlie House, volunteering, and Volunteers' Week!

How long have you been at Charlie House?

I have been at Charlie House for 2 years. Initially, I came on board via a temporary contract for 6 months and previously worked at ReCHarge as ReCHarge Cafe Manager. I thoroughly enjoyed working alongside the volunteers at ReCHarge, which motivated me to pursue my current role.

Can you tell us about your role here at Charlie House?

Volunteers are needed in every aspect of Charlie House and I am privileged to work closely with all members of the Charlie House team and Volunteer team. This includes our retail enterprises- Curated, ReCHarge Cafe and Court Cafe- as well as the Children and Family team. In addition, I get to experience the hustle and bustle of our fundraising team, liaising with them on events, challenges, corporate volunteering opportunities and more! No two days are the same; one day I might be recruiting for event help, and the next I could be attending a formal ball event!

What is the process for new volunteers, and how do you ensure they find a role that suits them?

I meet with every individual who shows an interest in volunteering for Charlie House. We have an informal chat where I learn more about them, their background, and their interests. This is where I begin matching their interests and background together with our volunteering opportunities. Sometimes individuals come in with one idea in mind, but once they hear about the range of opportunities we offer, they choose something else that is better suited to them! If they decide to volunteer in our retail enterprises, I offer them a trial shift to ensure it is a good fit for them and the team. Additionally, people can, and often do, volunteer for more than one opportunity.

Do you have any stand out moments from over the years?

Santa’s Workshop is a truly special event that I have had the pleasure of seeing come to life several times. It brings together not only the volunteers but also the public, Charlie House staff, and the families we support. Our relaxed sessions are extra special to me as our volunteers are very understanding of the needs of our supported families and put on a brilliant accessible show for them all! The event itself is so magical, we couldn’t do it without our wonderful volunteers. They all get into character, have back stories, and make such an effort to get the families involved. They really do make the event come to life.

Have you ever been involved in volunteering before?

Many times! Throughout the years I have volunteered at a range of charities, including Charlie House, of course. If I feel the cause is worthwhile, I want to do whatever I can, often dragging my husband along for even more support! At Charlie House, I particularly enjoy the children and family volunteering opportunities, especially the Christmas Party which is amazing. I have also previously volunteered at Fizz and Fashion, it is so special to see the parents come out of their shell and take on the runway.

What would you like to say to Charlie House volunteers this Volunteers’ Week?

We have a fabulous team of volunteers, without whom we couldn’t do what we do. They are all so enthusiastic and endeavour to help out in any way they can, which makes my job an absolute pleasure. I am so grateful for the support we get throughout the year, especially during Volunteers’ Week. I’d like to say a massive thank you to all the volunteers. Here’s to many more years.

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