5 reasons for your team to take part in a fitness challenge

  • 5th June, 2023
  • Fitness Fundraising
Fitness Fundraising- Why your team should take part in a fitness challenge

Warm summer days are on the horizon, which means the fitness fundraising event calendar is well on its way! There’s the challenging Ride the North cycling race, a 10km obstacle course...

Warm summer days are on the horizon, which means the fitness fundraising event calendar is well on its way! There’s the challenging Ride the North cycling race, a 10km obstacle course, the Loch Ness marathon and many more rewarding fitness challenges that your team can conquer while raising vital funds for Charlie House.

Testing yourself with a fitness fundraiser can often be the perfect motivation to help you attain personal goals, while providing a sense of fulfilment as you’ll have raised generous donations which could help Charlie House further support children and babies with life-limiting or life-threatening conditions.

But have you considered involving your colleagues in a fitness challenge? In this blog, we dissect just a handful of reasons why this form of fundraising can help attain corporate social responsibility (CSR) objectives, build morale amongst your team, and much more…


Signing your team up to a fitness challenge can be a morale booster for many reasons. For one, this method of fundraising requires a collective, one-team approach to reach the monetary goal that you’re aiming to achieve.

You’ll need to rely on one another to gather donations, while entrusting each other to train and prepare for one of these rewarding, yet challenging events.

When you cross the finish line at the event, your team will be fulfilled with a grand sense of achievement knowing that you have collectively accomplished a demanding task, while raising funds for a great cause.

Uncover hidden skills

A great benefit for getting your team involved in a fitness challenge is that you can bring colleagues together who do not often have the chance to collaborate, while also presenting employees with the opportunity to reveal hidden skills.

Often, employees can carry out their day-to-day roles without revealing their true potential and hidden talents. The aforementioned fitness challenges will require elements of organisation, dedication, teamwork and leadership for your participation to be a great success!

You’ll need a motivated team who will try their best to raise funds, and leaders who can lift their colleagues up when the fitness challenge reaches its toughest points. These are traits that can often go unnoticed in the office, but a tough fitness challenge can really bring the best out of your team.

Promote health and well-being

By encouraging employees to participate in fitness fundraising, businesses can actively promote a healthy lifestyle and the importance of physical well-being. Some of the challenges will require a bit of training beforehand which employees can complete individually or as a group, which will create a feeling of camaraderie while their fitness becomes increasingly better-suited for conquering the challenge.

While inspiring regular physical activity, businesses can also contribute to the mental well-being of employees as fitness can help reduce stress levels, and can lead to improved sleep, increased productivity, and so much more.

Completing a fitness fundraiser for a meaningful cause can also provide colleagues with a sense of purpose and fulfilment, which can positively impact mental well-being.

Reach your CSR goals

Many organisations incorporate a CSR strategy into their wider plans to help give back to the areas they are based, or causes close to employees' hearts. Typically, a business has much further reach and exposure than many charities, so by supporting one, you’re vastly contributing to the awareness of important causes, helping them reach their goals and share their key messages.

A company’s efforts to help support its community is also becoming increasingly valued by customers of both large enterprises and small businesses. By having company representatives take part in fundraising initiatives, such as a fitness challenge, it enhances your reputation and fosters a positive image among customers, employees, and the wider community.

Make a difference in your local community

We believe that every child deserves a smooth transition from hospital to home, practical and emotional support for themselves and their loved ones, and access to inclusive activities. Our services help families live life to the fullest, while making memories they’ll cherish forever.

By raising funds for Charlie House, your business could help us provide vital support, deliver all our current and planned projects, as well as bring us closer to building a dedicated specialist support centre in the North-east. Once complete, this physical Charlie House will ensure that children with life-limiting and life-threatening conditions and their families don't need to travel more than 100 miles to get the help they need.

To find out more about upcoming events, and to see how you can help support Charlie House, click here.

Take part in a fitness challenge

Challenge yourself to complete some of Scotland’s most exciting fitness events and fundraise for us, which could support our vital services and projects such as the Big Build Appeal

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