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Payroll Giving

Make a big difference with a small donation through payroll giving! One of the easiest, secure and tax efficient ways to regularly donate to your favourite charity

Give a lot with less

Efficient and tax-free, our team can help support you with payroll giving. By choosing to give a small percentage of pre-tax salary each month provides us with fundamental regular income enabling us to further our Charlie House mission.

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What is payroll giving?

Payroll giving is an easy, tax-efficient way of donating directly through your salary.

It enables you to give a regular amount to support the work of Charlie House straight from your gross salary (before tax is deducted) giving immediate tax relief on your donation. This means we receive more money at no extra cost to you.

For example, based on Scottish Income Tax rates:

As basic rate taxpayer, if you donate £10 a month, we receive the full amount but only £8 will be deducted from your net pay.

If you pay the higher rate of 42% tax, if you donate £10 a month, only £5.80 would be deducted from your net pay.

How your monthly donation helps

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£10 a month

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£20 a month

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£30 a month

How to get involved

Have a chat with your HR or Payroll Team and ask if they operate a Payroll Giving scheme. Further information can be found on our Payroll Giving blog post for both employers and employees.

You can also contact us directly for more information on how to make a donation through your salary or ask more about our work and how you can support us.

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