How does respite or short breaks help?

Support for the whole Family


For families, short breaks help them cope with their situation. Spent either together or apart, time is needed to recharge the batteries and so improve and maintain general well-being. Through self-help groups and friendship, parents can discuss problems with others, aiding the prevention of mental health issues, such as stress and depression, developing. Unfortunately, caring for a child with a disability or life shortening condition can, and often does, lead to family breakdown.

“..there is no let up, no escape. Friends and neighbours are kind and well-meaning but not able to take on the responsibility.”

Charlie House’s current projects enable children and parents to enjoy fun times together and share their experiences with others in the same situation.

Siblings Matter Too

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Often in these situations, siblings take on a young carer role to assist in the day to day care of a brother or sister. Siblings also experience a degree of isolation as families are often restricted to the home environment.

“Our eldest son suffers with frustration and constantly worries about what the future holds for his wee brother. He doesn’t get the attention he deserves as a result of his brothers condition.”

Charlie House’s current activities enable siblings and young carers to benefit from being able to try new activities, having some family fun, making friends and spending quality time with their parents.

Our dream for the future…

The provision of a specialist care centre would enable us to take this support a step further and we hope that our dream will one day become a reality.

“…the chance to have a full night’s sleep without being woken… do simple things like go to the cinema as a couple and know that he will be ok.” 

Benefits for family, carers & siblings:

  • taking a break from their caring role
  • spending quality time with other children within the family and with partners
  • establish a support network to assist them achieve their potential
  • the opportunity for everyone to have “me” time

Benefits for children with complex needs:

  • individualised care in a home from home environment
  • new experiences and socialisation out-with the family in a safe and secure setting
  • development of independence
  • help & support to achieve their full potential