Leave no pin standing…

by Elin Styrbjorn, Activities Co-ordinator

20170803_162329 (002)

As Charlie Dog has had a busy week doing work experience at Dyce Roofing, Mickey Mouse very kindly took Charlie’s place and joined me and nine families during Monday’s Activities Club session at the Garioch Indoor Bowling Centre.

During the two hour session, the 31 participants and Mickey had all six lanes to themselves, while I spent my time chatting to the families about how they’d been since I saw them last. (Which really was a great excuse for me not to play, since I’m exceptionally bad at bowling.)

We’ve been to the Indoor Bowling Centre around three or four times since I started working for Charlie House in June last year – and the sessions are getting more and more popular. What I think are some of the reasons behind this is the size of the venue, the privacy of the session and how the families can come and go as they like thought the session. “Are you 15 minutes late? That’s not a problem. Has your child had enough after 20 minutes? That’s OK too, I’m just happy you managed to come along to give it a try.”

Another reason for the popularity could very well be the fact that the entire family can, and most often will, join in on the fun. Even the youngest of siblings can participate thanks to the centre’s three bowling ramps – and it seems like the parents are having a great time too. On Monday we had some friendly competition among the mums, and a dad who was throwing the ball like a real pro. Although, I do wonder how good they’d be if the lane bumpers were down?