Elin’s First Week At Kielder

by Elin Styrbjorn, Activities Co-ordinator

Our first eight families checked out from Kielder earlier this morning and are now on their way back to their homes in Scotland. I am sitting in my cosy chalet, doing some paperwork, while the weather outside can’t make up its mind.  Today has been the wettest day since I arrived last Friday, but fingers crossed that it will be both dry and sunny by tomorrow morning when seven new families will have their first go at this year’s Kielder activities.

This is my first ever trip to Kielder and I am loving every minute of it. However, on the journey down, I was worried that these 14 days would be quite lonely staying in a chalet on my own.  I wasn’t sure if the 5 books I’d brought would be enough and I was worried that I wouldn’t know what to do with myself when there were no more books to read. However, there are still 5 books left unread on my bedside table because I’ve been too busy making friends.

During the first six days at Kielder, I’ve had the absolute pleasure to get to know extraordinary families with amazing children. I’ve spent my days watching kids with severe disabilities and restricted mobility climbing rocks, going down zip wires and even doing archery – while I’ve spent my evenings getting to know them and their families better. I’ve seen new friends being made and how a movie, or sometimes even just a song, can completely light up a face with the most beautiful smile. Not to mention the absolute joy of being able to fly through the air if you’re usually restricted to a life in a wheelchair. Because remember, it’s what you can do that counts – and that’s very evident at Kielder.


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Photo L-R: Elin, Tracy and Rhana